Two Boots Williamsburg

558 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11211

“Wait, but what about pizza?!”

Since moving to New York City as a vegan, this question has become my constant companion. Without fail, people ask me about it every time my lifestyle comes up, which is understandable, since pizza is also a lifestyle around here. But those lifestyles aren’t mutually exclusive. New York City is like a vegan promised land, with vegan options almost everywhere you look, including pizza.

First I have to mention that vegan pizza comes in two distinct breeds, non-dairy cheese or cheese-less. Non-dairy cheese includes house soy cheese, nut cheeses, and the classic non-dairy cheese brands (aka. Daiya, Mykonos, Field Roast, etc). Cheese-less is just what it sounds like.

It’s important to note that Two Boots Pizza is NOT an entirely vegan space. They serve many non-vegan variations of pizza (that my boyfriend absolutely raved about, in case you’re non-vegan and looking for a new pizza spot). You can, however, veganize any pie you would like by going cheese-less, or substituting Daiya or Vegan Ricotta cheese (and obviously excluding any meat). The offerings change daily, as with most pizza shops.

I had the Earth Mother pizza in its cheese-less state, and oh my god. People tend to joke about pizza without cheese, but I encourage you to give it a shot. this pile of bread, sauce, and veggies was unbelievable. Even without cheese, this was the closest I’ve found to the taste of real, New York pizza in a vegan form. The crust was absolutely perfect and the sauce brought me back to my trips to New York City with my parents as a little girl.

You can find Two Boots Pizza in NYC, Jersey City, Nashville, and LA
Two Boots Williamsburg