Boris and Horton

195 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

Boris and Horton has stolen my heart. As someone constantly on the hunt for the best espresso and/or cold brew in the city, I tend to bounce around to different coffee shops without returning to many. But Boris and Horton has something special that will keep me coming back again and again—dogs.

After the massive cat cafe boom a few years ago, I’m sure I’m not the only person who wanted a counterpart for dog-lovers. Since moving to the city separated me from my own dogs, I’ve found myself wishing for a location to go hang out with dogs in the city (without creeping around local dog parks sans-dog). So when I heard about Boris and Horton, I was out-of-my-mind excited.

I’d like to introduce you to Moose. I miss this guy.

Located at right in the East Village, Boris and Horton is absolutely adorable. I loved their whole aesthetic, and spent an absurd amount of time taking pictures of the decor and various pups. The cafe is split into two parts, with one section functioning like a typical coffee shop with a counter and a few seats. The other section is specifically for the furry patrons, with a water bowl station, a little counter selling dog-friendly treats and baked goods, and lots of tables and chairs. This side was pretty spacious, especially for a NYC coffee shop, and there were plenty of people taking advantage of the space and free WiFi on their laptops. The dogs also seemed to be enjoying themselves, running around off leash and meeting the various customers. My favorite was the small terrier running around like a maniac and attacking every moving shadow that he saw. Of which there were many.

I had a cold brew, and was excited to see that there are plenty of non-dairy milk options here, including the sometimes-elusive oat milk. The cold brew was rich and extremely flavorful, and not overly acidic. I didn’t order anything to eat, but wished I had after seeing the various toasts coming out of the kitchen. The avocado toast in particular seemed to be a huge hit throughout the cafe. Though the standard bread used by Boris and Horton contains honey, they do have a gluten free option as well (and considerately acknowledge the honey content on their menu, +2 to their vegan score.) There were also many snacks and pastries available, with multiple vegan options.

Thanks for the new phone background, Boris and Horton

If you ever find yourself in the area and missing your dogs that happen to be stranded in New Jersey (or just want some tasty cold brew), I would highly recommend Boris and Horton. You’ll probably see me there.

Happy, caffeinated campers

Boris and Horton