My Cashmere Hair Extensions

Once upon a time, I had a mullet. In 2010, Emma Watson kickstarted a massive pixie cut trend that had girls all over the world chopping off their hair. I was one such impressionable 18 year old, and as much fun as the Twiggy look was, I soon began to experience the inevitable doubts, regret, and subsequent mullet. It was a dark time.

In order to cope with my business in the front, party in the back angst, I began to explore the world of hair extensions. In a way I’m thankful for that tragic period in my hair-life, because it introduced me one of my favorite ways to quickly change up my appearance (without an awkward grow-out process). I’ve tried a million clip-in and headband varieties (because the more permanent options were always a bit out of my spending comfort zone) of both thickening and lengthening varieties. It’s been a long journey, full of badly blended lengths, visible tracks, and horribly mismatched color, but at the end of the road I finally found my holy grail extensions.

A few months ago I finally invested in the clip-ins that I kept hearing about all over social media. Cashmere Hair extensions have a solid amount of buzz surrounding them, and for good reason. These are by far my favorite extensions that I have ever used.

I ordered them through the cashmere site itself here and (after much deliberation), settled on the 18” extensions in Sunset Blonde. They do also offer a free color-matching service if you submit your photos, though I didn’t utilize it at the time.

They arrived only 3 days after I placed the late-night order, which I found to be pretty impressive. I also opted to purchase the Luxury Bag which I highly recommend to anyone investing in these extensions. It greatly simplified storing and especially travelling with them, which was always a frustrating experience with previous sets that I’ve owned.

The hair itself arrives incredibly soft and softly waved, which blended nicely with my natural hair texture. I also couldn’t believe how well the color matched with my own hair, especially since my hair is highlighted, shadow-rooted, toned, and about 50 different things that make blonde hair difficult (thanks to the hair wizard that is Nina). When I went to get my hair touched up I even brought them along and had them toned to match my new, frostier locks, which worked perfectly. Which was also when I first took note of how durable they are.

I’ve straightened, curled, and now toned them, and they are still in almost perfect condition, with no noticeable shedding at all. The body wave that they come with does not last through a wash, but the hair holds a curl pretty well (for hair as long as it is). They’re also a bit lighter than the clip-ins of a similar length that I’ve used in the past, and aren’t nearly as prone to sliding down my hair throughout the day (even when I don’t tease the root to secure them). I believe this is due to how well the hair is distributed, as well as to the clips themselves. One of those clips came slightly damaged unfortunately, and would not snap closed, but I was able to sew in one of the backup clips Cashmere includes without too much trouble.

After about 4 months, I can confidently say that Cashmere Hair extensions are worth the investment if you’re looking for good quality, easy, and natural looking extensions. They’ve remained bright, silky, and thick throughout this time. I will admit that I haven’t experimented much using styling products with the hair, though I have some new products I’m dying to try out with them soon. All in all, I’d say that my search for natural-looking long hair without a commitment to salon prices and constant Cher hair is done.

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