Curology: Chapter Two

So it’s been one full week since I started using Curology, and I thought now was a good time for a check in. I won’t be writing a post every week going forward, but I plan to mark big milestones (or if anything goes horribly awry and my face falls off).

The first and most important thing that I’ve noticed is that my skin has yet to freak out. Though I have experienced some light acne returning, this could be due to trying a new primer as well as spending a few days around my dogs (and admittedly mushing my face on theirs, which was totally worth it). I’m holding out hope that the cause was external and not Curology, and am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for a few more weeks.

I have experienced some dryness though, which, unfortunately, brings me to my first legitimate complaint. Surprisingly, this complaint is less in relation to the product and more about the company itself. When I selected a moisturizer in my sample kit, I assumed that the dryness I had been encountering from my previous routine would go away on its own, and that the “normal” strength moisturizer would be enough. This was not the case, and in only using the “normal” moisturizer, my skin has been consistently very tight and even flaky, especially around my mouth. I reached out to Curology and asked that I exchange my moisturizer for the “rich” option, but they informed me that this was not possible. In fact, it isn’t even possible for me to purchase the rich moisturizer on its own. Instead, I would have to order my next shipment to be delivered early, and pay the $50 for an entirely new set, though I have more than enough of all three products to last me until December 4th, when I am due for my next sample. This would leave me with way too much of the cleanser and Curology treatment itself, and since they are all measured to last for one month, I will continually have to order more shipments just to replenish my moisturizer while I have full bottles of the other products.

Though this isn’t the biggest deal, and is far from a deal-breaker, I am still pretty disappointed in this policy within Curology. It’s definitely an inconvenience I would not face were I to purchase skincare from another source. I’ll likely order the full set early in order to receive the moisturizer, though I am weighing other moisturizer options as well. We’ll see.

All in all, not too much has happened this week, but that’s sort of a good thing too! Sometimes not much news is good news, especially in terms of skincare. Curology does also warn new customers that it can take 6-8 weeks for positive results to start, so I’m not overly concerned that my skin has not become K-Pop celebrity flawless overnight.