Locked Down

I’ve always wanted to work from home. It seems like a dream come true, right? Working in your pajamas, from the comfort of your couch, with a commute from your bedroom to the living room. I thought I would spend more time writing, developing hobbies, and maybe even learning another language. Turns out, I hate it. It is the worst.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has been forced to take a long, hard look at themselves during this lockdown. The lies we tell ourselves about being too busy to write for our blog or start drawing again are harshly illuminated when we suddenly have nothing but time to spend on these activities. I’ve discovered just how much I truly thrive on routine and that having more free time actually makes me less likely to do something with that time. This blog has seen exactly zero updates since lockdown started, because it turns out that nothing is more draining than doing nothing. I feel like my life has been on hold. So I am going to try something new.

I am building a Quarantine Routine, one that involves posting on here at least once per week. I’ve been doing tons of reading and watching, so I plan to write about some of the amazing (and terrible) content that I’ve consumed in the past few months. I’ve purchased an absurd amount of beauty products brought on by hours of Instagram and Sephora scrolling that I would love to talk about. I’ve also had some pretty huge life changes take place over the course of this lockdown, so I’ll probably write about some of that too. I may even dabble in cooking and home workouts (though I don’t make any promises on that front).

Mostly I just want to get back to living my life, even if it’s virtually. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, but I am fortunate enough to have this outlet with which to get started. I hope it also helps me feel closer to all of my socially-distanced friends and family out there who read this little blog, and that maybe it will help them feel closer to me. I hope that you are all healthy and getting through this horrible time as best you can, and know that I miss you and am sending love to anyone who feels alone right now.